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Afghan nationals residing in Canada can apply to the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Vancouver for celibacy certificate:

Applicants for certificate of celibacy must:

  • Applicants for certificate of celibacy must:
  • Be present through a pre - arranged appointment with the Consulate General. Show evidence to prove that they were under the age of 18 when they left Afghanistan to become refugee in another country. Applicants who were 18 years or older when they left Afghanistan must apply for a Certificate of Celibacy in Afghanistan. 
  • Bring three adult guarantors who will guarantee, in writing, the celibacy status of the applicant.Bring two adult witnesses who can testify, in writing, about the process. 
  • Pay for the processing fee 125.USD payable to the "Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver - Canada). All fees must be in the form of a “money order” payable to the “Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver”. The Consulate General does NOT accept cash or card under any circumstances. 
  • All applicants must also:
  • Provide two standard passport size photos of themselves (size 1⨉1 inches). Photos must be taken directly of the face and show both ears. 
  • Pay the applicable processing fee. 
  • Original documents verifying applicant's Afghan identity (Afghan Tazkira). 
  • Provide documents verifying current residency status in Canada, such as; Citizenship document, Permanent Residency Card, Landed immigrant document, and etc;.
  • Provide documents verifying the applicants’ current address, such as current utility bills, Driving license or similar documents. 
  • Self-addressed return envelope, if applicant whish to receive documents through mail.  


If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply, please download a Celibacy Certificate Application form and book an online appointment




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