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Afghans who (1) are citizens of Canada, (2) do NOT possess Afghan Passports and (3) Afghanistan is not indicated as their place of birth/origin in their passports, can obtain a Travel Permit Letter before traveling to Afghanistan. This Letter will replace the required visas to visit Afghanistan.
NOTE: Due the unusual circumstances in Afghanistan, several countries including Canada have informed their residents to "avoid all travel" to Afghanistan. Therefore, Afghan citizens should follow all the regulations and take all responsibilities. The Consulate General would like to inform that the entry permits may or may not be accepted by the relevant authorities while travelling abroad and advises that Afghans use alternative options.  

All the applicants shall carefully read the following instructions and information and apply accordingly:

  • APPOINTMENT: Can be obtained from appointment system in this website.
  • VISIT IN PERSON: A proof of Afghan identity is necessary. If the applicant does not hold identity documents from Afghanistan, they shall refer to the General Consulate for an interview. Please bring along any documents and proof that can help with Identity verification during the interview.  
  • a) Travel Permit application: The applicant should complete the Travel Permit application form. It can be downloaded from here.
    b) Canadian Passport: A copy of applicant’s passport. The passport should, at least, have 6 months validity;
    c) Proof of Afghan Identity (Tazkira, former Passports, Birth Certificates, other valid legal documents)
    d) One of the parents must be present (the child is not required to be present). We require parents’ consent for the child’s travel to Afghanistan. 
    e) Birth Certificate with both parents’ details (Please bring original and 1 copy)
    f) Registered Envelope: Applicants outside of British Columbia and those who reside in the United States are required to provide an Express/Registered self-addressed prepaid envelope (two way package- One envelope containing your documents from your address to the address of the Consulate and another return label from the Consulate address to your address). The Consulate General will use the Express/Registered envelope to send your Travel Permit to the designated address provided on the envelope. Please note that all other types of envelopes will not be accepted. The applicants are also required to note the “Tracking number” of the Express Post to enable them to track their post. The Mailing address for the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver is: 7825 Edmonds Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada, V3N1B9
    g) Two photos of 2X2 inches.
    h) Copy of father's Tazkira or passport, and a copy of mother's Tazkira or passport.
    i) Documents verifying your current address: Such as driving license, utility bills or similar documents (only one of these documents).
    j) Consent letter: A letter from both parents regarding their consent for the child's trip. 
  • FEE: Gratis. Please check with the Consulate regarding any other fees and postage charges.  


If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply, please download a Absentee Tazkira application form and book an online appointment, please note that if you are applying family, you need to book seperate appointments for each application




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