Quality saffron poised to spice up Afghanistan’s exports

Quality saffron poised to spice up Afghanistan’s exports

The Afghanistan National Standards Authority and ITC launched the guide in Kabul as part of the push to produce high-quality saffron, with training on ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management) and ISO 19011 (Auditing Management Systems) for local producers, exporters, associations, and government officials. Meeting ISO standards is a prerequisite for entering lucrative saffron markets.

Afghanistan’s National Saffron Growers Union, which is participating in quality management training, is exploring distribution in Herat, where saffron growers are concentrated. The guide is also available on the websites of the Afghanistan Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Afghanistan National Standards Authority, and Afghan National Saffron Authority. The guide supports training to improve local skills for processing, sorting, grading and exporting, and addresses mandatory and voluntary standards for saffron. It also calls for a testing laboratory in Herat.


Source: ITC

Last modified on Thursday, 17/06/2021

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