Message on the occasion of Canada Day 2022

Message on the occasion of Canada Day 2022
We would like to convey our best wishes on the occasion of Canada day. As people celebrate this auspicious occasion, we should acknowledge and reflect on Canada's glorious past, its historical endeavors for progress, and successes in different areas such as political and economic stability, social justice, human rights, racial equity, gender equality, freedom and democracy.
People of Afghanistan value their relationship and friendship with Canada. Canada has stood with the Afghan people for decades. When circumstances required, Canadians shoulder to shoulder with the Afghan security personnel offered necessary support to combat terrorism and work for peace and stability in Afghanistan. Canada has also played a constructive role in regional and international fora to help the cause of peace, stability, and development in Afghanistan.
We are very grateful for Canada's continued humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, particularly after the tragic events since last August. People of Afghanistan appreciate Canada's resettlement programs for the vulnerable and needy Afghans and as well as its support for women's rights, education, and democracy in Afghanistan.
The Consulate General of Afghanistan looks forward to working with the relevant Canadian authorities and friends in BC to provide consular and other necessary services to citizens, diaspora, incoming refugees, and immigrants.
Happy Canada Day.

Last modified on Friday, 01/07/2022

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