Extension of passports

Extension of passports


Based on the urgent needs and frequent requests from the citizens of Afghanistan, the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver, Canada would like to inform that Afghans holding expired Machine-readable passports (Not handwritten) can request to extend their passports for a validity period of five years.  

Please refer to the following requirement and documents needed before you apply for a passport extension and provide them to the Consulate:

Application form: The form needs to be filled out clearly in capital letters or preferably on a computer in both English and Dari/Farsi or Pashto. The passport application form can be accessed from the Consular Affairs, Passport Section (bottom page) of our website: https://www.vancouver.mfa.af/consular-affairs/passport.html 
- Old passport: Machine-Readable (not handwritten) Afghan Passport is eligible for extension and please send the original passport (extension page will be added to the original passport).
- ID that shows your Status in Canada or the US (e.g., copy of PR card, copy of Canadian/US Passport, copy of Landing paper or Refugee claimant ID).
- Photos: Two Photos 2x2 Inches with white background.
- Proof of Address/residence: (e.g., Copy of Driver’s License, Residential ID or Utility bill). Please provide only one of the proof of residence documents. 
- EXPRESS/REGISTERED SELF-ADDRESSED RETURN ENVELOPE: The applicants outside of British Columbia and those who reside in the United States are required to provide an Express/Registered self-addressed prepaid envelope. The Consulate General will use the Express/Registered envelope to send your Renewed/extended passport to the designated address provided on the envelope. Please note that all other types of envelopes will not be accepted. The applicants are also required to note the “Tracking number” of the Express Post to enable them to track their post. The Mailing address for the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver is: 7825 Edmonds Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada, V3N1B9.

Note to applicants from the US: Please make sure your post office creates the package as a self-addressed prepaid return envelope so you can receive your extended passport through mail to your address in the US. Please do not send packages without the self-addressed return envelope as described above. Based on packages received from clients,  FedEx has been able to provide these services

All fees must be in the form of a “money order” payable to the “Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver”. The Consulate General does NOT accept cash, check, or card under any circumstances.
Note: Applicants from the United States should ask their banks to issue "money orders" payable to the "Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver" and make sure they are cleared and can be deposited in Canada. Include the money orders in your package and mail it to us.   

Normal Processing: 120 USD for five-year validity (15 business days processing time)
Urgent Processing: 150 USD for five-year validity (2-6 business days processing time) 

Please note that there are late fees for expired passports and the fee will be calculated based on $5 for every three months or $20 for each year. The penalty should be paid in separate money order payable to the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver.

Current Office hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

Last modified on Tuesday, 31/05/2022

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