The Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver - Canada provides two types of services: (I) attesting a Birth Certificate (original and/or translation), and (II) Issuing a Birth Certificate.

I. Attestation of a Birth Certificate

  • The  General Consulate  attests the following for Afghan nationals:
  • 1. Afghan Nationals Born in Afghanistan
  • The Consulate General attests the original or translation of a Birth Certificate issued by Hospitals in National Statistics and Information Authority - NSIA (اداره ملی احصائیه و معلومات) provided that the Birth Certificate was attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. General Consulate will NOT charge for this service. 
  • 2. Afghan Nationals Born Outside Afghanistan
  • The  General Consulate will attest: 
  • a) The original or translation of a Birth Certificate issued and attested by the Canadian authorities. The fee for this service is 55.USD.
    b) The original or translation of the Birth Certificate issued in a third country and attested by the Embassy/Consulate General/High Commission of applicant’s country of birth. The fee for this service is 50. USD.
    c) The original or translation of the Birth Certificate issued in a third country and attested by the Embassy/Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in that country where the Birth Certificate was issued. The fee for this service is 55. USD
  • Attesting a Birth Certificate:
  • For attesting a Birth Certificate, please read the following information and instructions carefully:
  • By Appointment: can be scheduled online through appointment page.
  • By Post: All required documents can be sent to the  Consulate General  by post. Please include an Express/Registered return self-addressed envelope along with the required documents. 
  • Required Documents: 
  • a) Request letter. the applicant should write a request letter addressed to this  Consulate General  and outline the services needed (i.e. attestation of the original Birth Certificate, attestation  of the translation of a Birth Certificate or both), personal details, address and contact number.
    b) Original Birth Certificate and/or originals of its translation.
    c) Copy of Birth Certificate and/or copy of its translation.
    d) Copy of Residence Permit. An applicant should make a copy of his/her Canadian Residence Permit.
    e) Express/Registered self-addressed envelope. An Express/Registered self-addressed return envelope MUST be included in the complete address. Without this, the Consulate General will NOT be able to send you back the attested Birth Certificate. 
  • Fee: General Consulate will charge 55.USD for issuing of one Birth Certificate, payable to the "Consulate General of Afghanistan In Vancouver - Canada." 
  • The Consulate General does NOT accept cash under any circumstances, and there is no refund policy. 
  • Procedure:
  • a) Once the  Consulate General receives the package by post or in person, it will be processed within 1 week provided that all required documents are complete.
    b) The  Consulate General  will send back the issued/attested Birth Certificate to the applicant using the Express/Registered self-addressed envelope. 

II. Issuance of a Birth Certificate

  • In exceptional cases the  Consulate General will issue a Birth Certificate on the basis of Applicant’s National Identity Card (TAZKERA) or Passport, provided that their originality has been verified.
    Same fees and procedures as above applies.
    Required Documents:
    a) Request letter.
    b)Proof of Afghan Citizenship. The applicant will need to present her/his Tazkira(National ID) or valid Afghan Passport to the Consulate General upon their appointment.
    c) Photographs. two recently taken passport size photographs.
    d) Proof of Address in Canada/US.
    e) The Consulate may request additional documents when necessary.   

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