Verification of Tazkira (Afghan National ID)

The Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is not the authority to verify a Tazkira (Afghan National ID). The Consulate General  facilitates the verification process of a Tazkira with the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA)
To initiate the process of Tazkira verification through this Consulate General , please read the following instructions and information carefully:.

All the applicants shall carefully read the following instructions and information and apply accordingly:

  • APPOINTMENT: There is NO need for an appointment as the service can be provided distanced.
  • VISIT IN PERSON: NO need to visit the Consulate General  in-person. All required documents can be sent to the Consulate General by post. Please include an Express/Registered return self-addressed envelop along with the required documents.
  • a) Request letter. the applicant should write a request letter addressed to the Consulate General and outline the need for verifying his/her Tazkira (i.e. only verification, Birth Certificate etc), personal details, address and contact number.
     b) Copy of Tazkira. The applicant needs to include a clear copy of her/his Tazkira in the application.
     c) Photographs. one recent photograph with a white background (size: 2x2 inches).
     d) Proof of Address in Canada. An applicant should make a copy of either his/her driver license, utility bill or bank statement and include it in the postal package.
     e) Applicants wish to apply for Birth Certificate after Tazkira verification. To have the correct name, surname and date of birth of the applicant, he/she needs to include either (1) a color copy of driver license, (2) travel document or (3) Canadian visa (only a copy of one of the above).
     f) Express/Registered self-addressed envelope. An Express/Registered self-addressed return envelop MUST be included in the postal package. Without this, the Embassy will NOT be able to send you back the verification letter of your Tazkira. return self-addressed envelop along with the required documents.
  • FEE: The Consulate General charges 20.00 USD for this service. This fee is payable to "Consulate General of Afghanistan in Vancouver-Canada".
  •    a) Once the Consulate General  receives the package by post, it will be processed within 2 business days.
       b) After the package is processed in NSIA, the Consulate General  will receive a notification about the verification of the Tazkira by an email.
       c) The Consulate General will share the verification letter with the applicant using the Express/Registered self-addressed envelope, within 2 business days of receiving a response from ACCRA. (It is extremely important for ALL applicants to include an Express/Registered self-addressed envelope with the initial postal package and send it to the Consulate General .)
  • Please note that this is a time-consuming process and the applicant requires to wait for 2 – 3 weeks, on average. The Consulate General  has no control and influence on the processes within NSIA.
    In an unlikely scenario, if a Tazkira does NOT get verified by NSIA, the applicant may apply for a Tazkira in Absentia. For more information about Tazkira in Absentia please refer to the relevant section using this link.


If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply, please download a Absentee Tazkira application form and book an online appointment, please note that if you are applying family, you need to book seperate appointments for each application




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