List of Large Scale Mines Projects(Tendering)

List of Large Scale Mines Projects(Tendering)

It has been estimated that Afghanistan holds more than 1 trillion worth of natural resources that include, iron ore, copper, gold, precious stones, and semi-precious stones, and hydrocarbons. The Government of Afghanistan sees the country’s vast mineral and hydrocarbon resources as the best opportunity for long-term economic growth. The mining sector can create tremendous amounts of jobs, generate revenue, and transform the country from an aid dependency towards self-reliance.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan has designed several consequential documents in the years, including the Mining Sector Roadmap, a new Minerals Law, and a new Hydrocarbons Law as part of its commitments to open the extractive industry for private investments. The Ministry also made significant policy changes to provide private sectors with more opportunities to invest. The government of I.R of Afghanistan is deeply focused on attracting domestic and foreign investors to invest in Afghanistan’s mineral and hydrocarbon resources.

The bidders can access information regarding the project from this   link

Last modified on Thursday, 15/07/2021


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